VANI-T is Made in Australia. Vegan friendly, Cruelty-free and 95% natural.

VANI-T  is  an  award-winning,  luxury  natural  tanning,  makeup  and  wellness  company  and  an  international  success  story,  founded  on  a  heart  centred  vision  and  the  purest  natural  ingredients  in  the  world.  Each  product  is  meticulously  created  with  you  in  mind,  often  taking  50+ attempts to achieve the perfect formula. Established   in   2004,   the   company   and   its   products   have   been   developed   through   innovation   and   an   unwavering   commitment   to  purity,  luxury  and  quality.  VANI-T  is  now  available  in  over  15,000  stockists  worldwide  in  more  than  15  countries  and  used  by  over  14  million beauties.