• Apply your skinstitut serum, moisturiser or oil to cleansed, dry skin. With the larger roller, start in the centre of your face, gently rolling outwards and upwards towards the hairline. Move to the chin, rolling outwards towards the ears, and down the sides of the neck. Use the smaller roller gently around the eye area. 


    - Any skin can use it.

    - It’s a fast fix to help revive skin tone, boost radiance, and wake up the skin

    - It helps to improve lymphatic drainage which can help to reduce puffiness which makes it a face-changer for mornings after and jet-lagged skin

    - It has a medium-sized roller at one end for your face and neck and a smaller roller at the other to use under the eyes

    - It helps your favourite skin care work even harder by aiding absorption of ingredients

    Rose Quartz Face Roller